Get Everything You Need to Bring the Power of Story to Your Business…

Master Storytelling in Business To Grow in 2022
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The StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass is the most accessible way for entrepreneurs to learn and successfully apply storytelling to grow online.

You'll learn how to use Storytelling to attract and successfully convert your ideal customers online in one marketing system (funnel).

When you join today, you'll get 1-on-1 FREE Marketing Discovery Call and 8 funnel blueprints to help you implement the best one for your business.

And it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee (so you can try it out with confidence).

StoryTelling As A System That Attracts And Converts
Storytelling is a powerful tool to engage people.

It's been true for thousands of years.

But it's never been more important in the digital age.

While it's never been easier to get your message out there - via social media, ads, the power of video...

It's never been harder to get people to listen or to care.

Because there's so much noise and everyone is distracted.

You have to cut through it.

Here's where the art of StoryTelling comes in.

You can use it to attract and engage your ideal customers.

But in the digital age, it can be so much more.

You can create a complete end-to-end funnel using it - a system that persuades and converts your customers.

You can apply it to every touchpoint. Your web pages, your emails, your videos, your ads.

One POWERFUL message that makes your business stand apart.

One SYSTEM that means your business grows and you can achieve your greatest ambitions.

Want to learn how to do it?

Join 10,000+ entrepreneurs who already took the Masterclass.

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Get Everything You Need to Bring the Power of Story to Your Business…

You know you have to do something.

You have to start getting your message out there.

But something is stopping you.

You may be procrastinating or avoiding putting yourself out there.

But it's not that you don't want to get out there.

It's because you aren't quite sure how to do it.

And before you put all the time and effort into putting yourself out there, you know you need a strategy.

And that is exactly why we created the StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass, which includes: 
  • 3 hours of HD Video to learn the principles of StoryTelling Strategy (Filmed at Google's Central European Innovation Campus).
  •  8 proven funnel maps you can apply which business owners have used to earn millions.
  • 1-on-1 FREE Marketing Discovery Call with a StoryMatters Certified Coach who will help you to:
  • Get clear on what your business and marketing goals are.
  • ​Understand where you stand right now with your marketing.
  • ​Discover how we can help you with planning and executing your marketing.
  •  A video training to learn the art of the sales film (Including scripting templates)


  • 3 Hours StoryTelling Masterclass ($197 Value)
  • 1 x 1-on-1 FREE Marketing Discovery Calls ($97 Value)
  • 8 Funnel Map Blueprints ($77 Value)
  • StoryTelling in the Digital Age eBook ($27 Value)
  • Complete MasterClass Slides ($47 Value)
  • StoryTelling Resource Guide ($17 Value)
  • Bonus Lesson: Building Your Funnel ($47 value) 
Total Value Of $499 USD
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One-Time Payment
90% off the Regular Price of $499 (Special Discount Pricing)


    • Bonus #1: The StoryTelling in the Digital Age E-Book to let you review the MasterClass at anytime before or after you watch it ($27 Value)
    • BONUS #2: A Complete Package of the MasterClass Slides so you can take notes while you watch ($47 Value)
    • ​BONUS #3: A StoryTelling Resource Guide with each lesson, with a list of free resources you can use to deepen your understanding of StoryTelling ($17 Value)
    • ​Bonus #4: Bonus Lesson: Building Your Online Funnel (Personal Journeys) ($47 Value)

    Money-Back Guarantee

    Trying one of the storytelling techniques you’re about to discover would pay for this tiny $49 investment over and over again.


    We get that you don’t know us. And, honestly, for such a small investment, we don’t see much value in writing out a big, long 10,000-word page to answer all your questions and objections. So, let do this:

    Here's our promise.

    Go through everything. Watch the videos, check our resource guide. Take advantage of a free coaching call.
    If at that point you aren't 100% satisfied with our training - simply just ask for a refund.
    In other words, if a refund is necessary to serve you, then, of course, we do not want your money. But we do require you to make an honest effort before pulling the pin. That means watching the videos and doing a call with your StoryMatters Advisor. 

    Get your lifetime access to The StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass while it’s still just $49 and put it away for when you need it!

    What People have to Say about StoryMatters

    Peter Schröder
    CEO, Elanity Network 
    "It changed my thinking about marketing ... The StoryTelling MasterClass result is just really, really good."
    German Coppola
    Founder, YUMIWI
    "It completely redefined what marketing is for me ... I'm really excited to get back to the office and make it happen."
    Michele Wyngaard
    Owner, Dynamic Dental
    "I made a really good investment in myself and the benefit that I will gain from that in the future"

    4 Powerful StoryTelling Lessons to Grow Better

    Lesson 1

    Why Story Matters (Now, more than Ever).

    StoryTelling is not new. It’s Ancient. But it’s more powerful than ever in the digital age. Find out why and how to use it.

    Discover how an Australian documentary filmmaker helped teach me the power of StoryTelling. Together, we helped a humble South African Running Coach (Bobby McGee) to earn $250k online in just 6 months. Highlights include:
    • Why Elon Musk is the worst speaker but tells the best Stories.
    • ​The power of documentary film-making in marketing.
    • ​Why you are getting your marketing wrong.
    • ​How to create a real strategy and video-based journey that inspires people to buy.
    By the end of Lesson 1, you'll understand exactly how you can use videos online plus how they should look and feel.

    Lesson 2

    Who is Your Hero? (HINT: It’s Not You)

    Every story starts with a hero. But the hero of the story you tell is NOT you. It’s your ideal client persona. 

    Learn the story about Rory Kilmartin - the world’s top relationship researcher, and how clearly defining his persona helped him launch his business. You'll learn:
    • Why defining your ideal client personas is so powerful (Defining your hero)
    • How to connect with your Ideal Client (Empathy)
    • Writing your Hero’s Story (Why it changes everything)
    • Do you really love your customers? (The most important question)
    By the end of this Lesson, you will understand the power of defining your ideal client - and you'll have all the tools you need to do it.

    Lesson 3

    Writing Your Hero's Journey
    (BE YODA, Not Luke)

    Inspiration is far more potent than Manipulation. Your ideal client will buy your product or service when you inspire them to invest in a better future.

    Storytelling is universal. Discover the secret weapon of Hollywood screenwriters - and how to apply it to grow your business. Lesson highlights:
    • The storytelling secret of all great religions, myths, works of literature, and blockbuster Hollywood movies,
    •  Why no stories are true (Including yours),
    • ​How to apply the art of StoryTelling to planning your product roadmap,
    • The 3 keys to telling great stories through video online.
    By the end of this Lesson #3, you'll understand exactly how to apply StoryTelling to attract and powerfully inspire your ideal customers.

    Lesson 4

    Mapping Your Hero’s Digital Journey (It’s Harder than You Think)

    Marketing success is based on creating a digital journey that connects to your ideal customer's story. You'll learn how to build a growth system (funnel) that attracts, engages and converts your target customers from first contact.

    Learn how we built the funnels that became 7-figure marketing campaigns for our clients. Some highlights include:
    • What is a funnel and how to map them,
    • Introducing the funnel Rory used to launch and grow his business (Bonus: Download Rory's Funnel Map),
    • ​How to Build a Minimum Viable Funnel to test your digital marketing ideas (Bonus: Download the MVF Map),
    • Get a special bonus video on the funnel James Cook Media (our services brand) sold more than $2.4m in courses and services.
    By the end of this Lesson, you will understand the power of defining your ideal client - and you'll have all the tools you need to do it.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does the StoryTelling in the Digital Age include?
    Here’s how the StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass includes:
    1. 4 HD Video Lessons (2.5 hours) on how to build a real strategy based on the ancient principles of StoryTelling.
    2. A StoryTelling in the Digital Age eBook
    3. A Bonus Lesson to help you decide what type of online marketing you should employ in your business.
    4. Each lesson includes a pdf that includes the slides, full transcript, and resources you can study to apply these principles.
    5. 1 FREE Marketing Discovery Call
    What results can I expect from the MasterClass?

    Once you finish the MasterClass, IF you put in the work, you will have a clear strategy that gives you a real chance of success. The MasterClass also gives you a preview of the high-level coaching we can provide to help you build your funnel.There are no guarantees on success in marketing, but the one sure path to failure is NOT having a strategy. Almost no business owners get this right.
    Who is the MasterClass for?

    The StoryTelling in the Digital Age Masterclass is for you if you want better results in your marketing.
    You can never do enough to improve your marketing.
    There are two different packages that you can choose from.
    If you want to succeed in marketing, you need to make an investment.
    You either invest time or money.
    If you lack the budget but have the time, you should invest in the Basic pricing package to learn how to put together your whole plan.
    If you don’t have time, but you have money, then StoryTelling in the Digital Age Premium package is for you.
    This package includes the MasterClass Videos, the EBook, a Downloadable Slide PDF, a resource guide for each lesson, and the 1 FREE Coaching call (a part of StoryMatters Academy)
    But if you are limited for time, and want to get real results quickly, you want to see if I and my team can help you directly with your marketing.
    We have limited spots for my personal work, so if you are interested in working with me, you should invest in the Premium plan right away.
    What skills will I learn in the StoryTelling in the Digital Age?

    The StoryTelling in the Digital Age MasterClass helps you solve the main problems that will stop you from succeeding in marketing.
    Developing a real Strategy - without a clear, detailed, methodical approach to your strategy, you will never get the results you could in marketing (and will most likely fail completely). 
    Finding the Right Technology - To successfully execute your strategy, you have to use software that works. 
    Telling Your Story Online - the only way to set yourself apart in digital marketing is to tell a better story. 
    Our expertise in StoryTelling and marketing is unmatched. Access all our video training and exercises on how to tell your Story online, including access to our email swipe files, copywriting training, and other training.
    What support will I receive?

    James Cook Media has over 25 people across the world working on our team.
    We maintain 24-hour chat support, 7 days a week to help you inform us of any problems you are having.
    If one of our agents can’t help you technically, you can contact your dedicated coach through the program, or a member of our tech team will be in touch.
    How much does it cost? How does payment work?

    The StoryTelling in the Digital Age normally costs $499.
    If you are still eligible for our One-Time Offer (Up to 90% Off), or Discounted (Up to 85% Off) pricing (up to 48 hours), you can get the program for a much lower price.
    We offer this limited time window for the discount due to the limited availability of our coaches.
    NOTE: Your investment in the Masterclass is a one-time payment. You will not be charged an ongoing subscription fee.

    Build a Marketing Strategy for your 
    Story Based Funnel

    180-minute amazing video training, 8 funnel blueprints of 7-figure businesses, 1-on-1 Coaching Call, Training on How to Create a Powerful Video & much more…

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